The Manor
The old southern mansion harbors tales of the Civil War. The ghosts that haunt the Manor and Grounds don't take kindly to visitors. With an expanded trail,  the spirits of a time gone by perhaps, are still very much around! 

Dr. Sinister's
Carnevil of Fear
Grease paint has run amock. Here a clown, there a clown, everywhere a clown clown. Dr Sinisters now features the  Grim Woods from the past and then experience an old favorite.... The Haunted Barn. 
Two stories of pure laughable terror, an outside trail and rickety old barn is just what the Doctor ordered.

Visit us on Halloween for Blackout Night featuring  our attractions and all in the dark.

Nightmare in the Country LLC
38368 S County Rd 195
Woodward,  OK 73801

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NITC Escape

Red Carpet Country


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