The Manor

The Puzzledust Family Mausoleum in the garden cemetery adjacent to the grand ole home, is the final resting place of Merrifield Puzzledust. Is it his final resting place? Many around here say No! No, they will tell you. They speak in hushed tones that he and his minions are very much alive, breathing and waiting.
One more terrifying than all the rest is Jack. Merrifield's own planted creation, grown from the Manor's basement moldy earth, pure evil and victims of those who have come before... Jack Lantern! He and the other spirits of a time gone by are ready to show you your own earthly exit if you choose to visit The Manor.



It's ok Dearie.  You will be just fine! You're just having  hallucinations. Just head to the red door. Look for the red door sweethart it is really your only way out of this very bad dream you are in.  There is a single door at the end of a dark alley.  Can you see it,  there in the distance.... at the end of the alley!
Hallucination Alley and the fan favorite The Haunted Barn make up this wrenching smorgasbord of terror!

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