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The Manor
 Dr. Merrifield Puzzledust requests your presence.  First visit his caretakers, "The Killingers"   A fan favorite is back for 2018 with  over 4000 square feet of terror just in the Dr's residence alone.

A spill has caused something terrible on the farm. The army set up a compound to contain it.  I don't believe they succeeding in stopping it....Mutants, Monsters, Zombies....Oh my!

Dr. Sinister's 
Carnevil of Fear
If you have experienced the Dr.'s office in the past, you haven't been to this doctors office. Expanded and twice the size as before. 
Brand new for 2018... "The Sinister Box"

Weepingville Asylum 
& Grounds
Ahh... the peaceful serenity of a care facility and it's beautiful surroundings. This is just that place, Oh so...... WAIT! We might have gotten that description wrong... just a tad..

Visit us on Halloween for Blackout Night featuring 2 of our attractions and all in the dark.

Nightmare in the Country LLC
38368 S County Rd 195
Woodward,  OK 73801

Contact Us
Phone: 580-254-3944                    


NITC Escape

Red Carpet Country


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